What is the difference between a Kontakt Instrument and a Kontakt Library?

Kontakt Instruments

If you own the full version of Kontakt, you can use any Kontakt Instrument.

To load a Kontakt Instrument, click on the Files tab located at the top of Kontakt and navigate to where the .nki file is stored on your computer and load the .nki file.

Alternatively, you can simply open up the folder containing the .nki files on your computer and drag the .nki file directly into Kontakt and the .nki file will automatically load

Before purchasing a Kontakt Instrument, please be sure to check that you have the full version of Kontakt.

Kontakt Libraies

If you have the free Kontakt Player, you can only use Kontakt Player Libraries.

Kontakt Libraries are displayed in the side panel in Kontakt under the Libraires tab.

You may be required to update Kontakt to the latest version, which can be done using Native Access.

If you have any questions about which version of Kontakt you may require, please email info@komposeaudio.com