Time 1

Kapsule Collection

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Requires the full version of Kontakt 7.10.2. This product will not work with the free Kontakt Player. More Info

  • 3 .nki presets

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Unlock the Sonic Time Kapsule

Time 1 isn't just a Kontakt Instrument - it's a portal. This is the first release in our Kapsule Collection, a series of bite-sized instruments designed to ignite your creativity.

Imagine: Capturing the very essence of time itself. Time 1 delivers three awe-inspiring presets that stretch beyond the confines of reality, morphing and evolving with each held note. Witness a sonic universe unfold, perfect for building suspense and crafting captivating atmospheres.

Don't just listen, sculpt

Time 1 comes loaded with 8 assignable smart controls, empowering you to take these soundscapes and infuse them with your own unique depth and character.

The Kapsule Collection Advantage: Forget massive libraries. Kapsule Collections offer curated packs of 3 .nki presets, allowing you to build your personalized sonic arsenal at your own pace. Time 1 is just the beginning – stay tuned for a treasure trove of upcoming instruments, each pushing the boundaries of sound design and waiting to spark your creativity.


Glass: Conjure up swirling, delayed notes with the power of Convole reverb. It's like adding a touch of glistening shimmer to your sound.

Psyche: Unearth beautiful, rich echoes with the Psyche delay. It's not just an echo, it's a harmonious conversation with your sound.

Hue: Sculpt the brilliance of your sound like a master painter with the SG-EQ filter cutoff. Brighten it up for a crisp presence, or add warmth for a vintage vibe.

Warp: Bend time itself with the Wow|Fltr effect. Create swirling, warbled textures that will add a distinctive character to your sound.

Fog: Add a touch of brilliance with the Flair effect. It's like adding a layer of dark drama to your sound, making it truly intense.

Grain: Add a touch of brilliance with the Flair effect. Adds a dose lo-fi grain, ever so slightly degrading the top end.

Pad Volume: Dial in the perfect balance of each pad to create your ideal sonic foundation.

Mute Buttons: Silence any effect or instrument with a simple click, giving you complete control over your soundscape.

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