Equuleus Nano

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Kontakt Instrument

Requires the full version of Kontakt 7.10.2. This product will not work with the free Kontakt Player. More Info

  • 3.5 GB sample data
  • 6 .nki presets

Discover the infinite wonders of the cosmos in a compact Form

Introducing Equuleus Nano, the newest gem in the Galactic Voyager Series. This smaller edition, retains the enchanting essence of the original Equuleus while offering a more compact and accessible experience.

At the heart of Equuleus Nano is the exquisite Fazioli Concert Grand Piano, captured in stunning detail to preserve its divine tones. This instrument goes beyond the traditional, blending the timeless beauty of the piano with the ethereal sounds of vintage synthesizers.

User-friendly and packed with features

Equuleus Nano features an intuitive interface with 8 smart controllers, allowing you to effortlessly craft and customize your sound. Easily mute and adjust the levels of the piano and pads to suit your preferences, giving you complete control over your musical creation.

The result is a breathtaking soundscape that evokes the vastness of space. From the lush warmth of celestial pads to the mysterious echoes of distant stars, every note from Equuleus Nano is imbued with a celestial grace that will elevate your music to new heights.



Magic: Conjure up swirling, delayed notes with the power of Convole reverb. It's like adding a touch of mystical shimmer to your sound.

Space: Launch yourself into a sonic cosmos with the Replika reverb. Lush, deep, and expansive, it will transport your audio to the farthest reaches.

Echo: Unearth beautiful, rich echoes with the Psyche delay. It's not just an echo, it's a harmonious conversation with your sound.

Color: Sculpt the brilliance of your sound like a master painter with the SG-EQ filter cutoff. Brighten it up for a crisp presence, or add warmth for a vintage vibe.

Warp: Bend time itself with the Wow|Fltr effect. Create swirling, warbled textures that will add a distinctive character to your sound.

Glisten: Add a touch of brilliance with the Flair effect. It's like adding a layer of shimmering light to your sound, making it truly shine.

Piano and Pad: Dial in the perfect balance between your piano and pad sounds to create your ideal sonic foundation.

Mute Buttons: Silence any effect or instrument with a simple click, giving you complete control over your soundscape.

Listen to Equuleus Nano

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Technical Information

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