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Virtual Instrument

Works with OPUS Engine, the revolutionary sample engine that powers the EastWest award-winning libraries.

  • Winner of the NAMM TEC Award 2024 - Best Software Music Instrument
  • SOS Recommended - 5/5
  • MusicTech Excellence Award - 10/10

Bring Fantasy Worlds To Life

Introducing Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra, a brand-new orchestra that includes everything you need to create fantasy film, television, and game soundtracks. Produced by sound titans Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra includes unique ensembles of traditional and world instruments that have been featured in the biggest movies and games in history.

It was recorded in full stereo mic placement in the historic EastWest Studio One, the same recording studio as our legendary Hollywood Orchestra series, and includes all of the features of EastWest’s revolutionary Opus player. If you’re scoring the next big fantasy epic or medieval tale, you need Hollywood Fantasy Strings, Hollywood Fantasy Brass, Hollywood Fantasy Winds, Hollywood Fantasy Percussion, Hollywood Fantasy Voices, and the brand-new Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator.

5 Orchestral Virtual Instrument Libraries & Powerful Orchestrator

Hollywood Fantasy Strings

A blend of historic elegance and modern creativity. With five iconic instruments, true legato, and seamless integration with Hollywood Strings, this collection ensures professional-grade fantasy compositions. Elevate your sound effortlessly.

Hollywood Fantasy Brass

An authentic blend of historic brass instruments for unparalleled realism in fantasy scores. With rich articulations, true legato, and the hallmark features of our Hollywood series, this collection ensures every composition is a masterpiece. Elevate your sound effortlessly and bring the magic to your music with Hollywood Fantasy Brass.

Hollywood Fantasy Winds

A captivating collection of majestic woodwind instruments with true legato and diverse articulations. Transport your audience to fantasy realms with evocative sounds, completing the melodic ensemble alongside strings and brass. Elevate your compositions effortlessly with Hollywood Fantasy Winds.

Hollywood Fantasy Percussion

A comprehensive suite of thunderous, mystical struck and shaken instruments designed to elevate epic soundtracks. While perfect for any orchestral score, they truly shine when combined with the complete Hollywood Fantasy palette. In a world filled with bombastic drum libraries, this is the first percussion collection crafted specifically for scoring epic fantasy soundtracks. Elevate your compositions with Hollywood Fantasy Percussion.

Hollywood Fantasy Voices

Enter the realm of true cinematic fantasy singing with Hollywood Fantasy Voices. Bridging the gap between trained singers and mythic vocals, this collection offers multiple microphone positions, portamento control, and versatile mood options (Soft, Classic, and Epic) for your epic soundtrack. With Hollywood Fantasy Voices, command the authority to evoke emotions and transport your audience to distant realms with just a few words.

Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator

Easily compose epic fantasy soundtracks with Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator. Developed with Sonuscore, this tool lets you create music in Hollywood's style with simple chords and expressive shaping. Utilize customizable presets from the Fantasy Orchestra series and our Innovative Scoring Engine for real-time arrangements based on your MIDI input. Craft cinematic magic in seconds.

Listen to Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra Bundle

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A magical library of truly rare instruments - EastWest’s Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra collection could well become a must-have for any composer looking to add a touch of magic to their score.


EastWest has created a one stop shop for everything Fantasy based. The orchestra "screams 'fantasy'. As soon as you open it up, the genre is absolutely nailed, the instrument choice is brilliant, the sampling is fantastic.

The Samplist

The sound quality is outstanding, as is the amount of content in this package. The concept of providing sections that work like those of a traditional Western orchestra is a complete success. I can see these sounds working in many contexts outside of fantasy music too, so it is even more versatile than the title suggests.


Fantasy Orchestra sounds detailed, articulate and incredibly natural. With this particular library a regular listening audience will be seriously hard pressed to tell that these aren’t ‘real’ instruments.

Happy Magazine

I like that EastWest Fantasy Orchestra gives you that typical fantasy sound right out of the box and that it's not just another orchestral sample library. The Orchestrator is such a huge help, especially when it comes to finding inspiration and to delivering the first sketch to an audio director or film producer.

Alex Pfeffer - Professional Composer

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