Medieval Phrases Fiddle & Nyckelharpa

Embark on a journey through time with Medieval Phrases Fiddle & Nyckelharpa. Featuring rich and expressive tones of the Fiddle and the distinctive resonant strings of the Nyckelharpa, capture the mood of medieval times.

Explore Medieval Phrases Fiddle & Nyckelharpa
Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra Bundle by EastWest

Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra Bundle

By EastWest

Bring Fantasy Worlds To Life - a brand-new orchestra that includes everything you need to create fantasy film, television, and game soundtracks. Produced by sound titans Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra includes unique ensembles of traditional and world instruments that have been featured in the biggest movies and games in history.

If you’re scoring the next big fantasy epic or medieval tale, you need Hollywood Fantasy Strings, Hollywood Fantasy Brass, Hollywood Fantasy Winds, Hollywood Fantasy Percussion, Hollywood Fantasy Voices, and the brand-new Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator.

Horizon Leads

By Best Service

Horizon Leads by Best Service and Sonuscore opens the door to a new sonic dimension for cinematic scoring, where synthesizers meet Hollywood scoring aesthetics. It is your gateway to a revolutionary cinematic scoring experience.

Unleash the power of meticulously sampled cinematic synth leads infused with the warmth of acoustic instruments. Crafted to perfection, these sounds carry a unique human and artistic touch, elevating your compositions to new heights and letting them resonate with the essence of Hollywood. Enter a realm where synthesizers meet Hollywood scoring aesthetics with Horizon Leads.

Horizon Leads by Best Service


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