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Step into a realm of celestial soundscapes with Arcturus, brought to you by Kompose Audio and Pulse Audio. A brand new free Kontakt Instrument, meticulously crafted to transport you to the ethereal realms of sonic exploration. Born from the intricate recording of a harp, delicately interwoven with the evocative tones of vintage keyboards.

Arcturus transcends boundaries, seamlessly blending into a myriad of musical styles. While it finds its truest expression in the grandeur of epic and cinematic compositions, its versatility knows no bounds. From ambient to orchestral, electronic to experimental, Arcturus invites exploration and creativity at every turn.

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Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition

Experience Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition – the best-selling and most awarded orchestral virtual instrument ever created. Crafted by industry leaders Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, and sound engineered by Academy Award winner Shawn Murphy, it sets the standard for professional orchestral soundtracks.

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African Rhythms: Capturing the Essence of the Continent

African music pulsates with the heartbeat of the continent, symbolized by the electrifying rhythms, mesmerizing percussion beats, and soul-stirring call-and-response vocals. It's a vibrant tapestry woven with the spirit of community, cultural richness, and untamed energy.